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Andrew Johnston Davies is a psychiatrist, artist, poet and author based in Hampshire. Whilst the countryside remains his natural habitat and the root of his artistic inspiration, he ventures into the city on a daily basis. Urban landscapes, strangers and the commute have all become familiar images. Themes that explore disconnection, alienation, loneliness, love and loss. The Universal themes of life. 

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The Commute

The Commute



Art and writing is a way of making sense of the world whereby life that is experienced becomes distilled and then expressed. With it comes a sense of freedom and infinite possibility. It can feel to me as if each image or piece of writing has the potential to add something to the whole, giving further insight and further understanding. The subject and materials used to create these images vary  as it is the  image itself that interests me however that might be achieved.


Inevitably there is projection of myself and passages of my own life but I hope to capture as frequently as I can images that evoke emotion and feeling. Crowds, emptiness, disconnection, loneliness  as well as the reverse of love, community, tradition and the cycles of life. Landscapes of people against city backdrops or the late evening sun slanting across a corn field. Sometimes specific in time and place whilst other images remain less known and harder to place. It is an exploration that evolves and one which I intend to continue as long as I am alive and able.



Written and illustrated by Andrew Johnston Davies

Available in paperback 4th December 2020

The irony of course is that 'The Commute' has all but come to an end, or at least a prolonged pause due to Covid-19. So what had been a study and narrative of the apparently endless and relentlessness of the Commute, now marks the end of something. whether it will ever be quite the same only time will tell.


It  has been the necessary daily travel for millions of people every day. The commonality of experience. The drudgery, the trudging mundanity, the daily snap shot of  life. Robotic routine and weariness. For some it is dead time whilst for others it becomes almost essential as a space to prepare or to decompress from the day. There can be  detachment,  alienation, a loss of identity or conversely a sense of common purpose,  each of us cogs in the machine working for ourselves and one another. The images and writing aim no more than to describe the experience of one of those tiny cogs.  My own experience.


Available now in paperback.





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