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Book of the Week, Country Life Magazine

"When the idea of this clever tapestry of poetry, Munch-esque artworks and observational prose charting a day's commute in and out of London struck psychiatrist and artist Andrew Johnston Davies, could he have known how poignant it would have been?
His evocative images and insightful words will raise a wry smile from anyone who has endured the daily train trudge especially now that for many it is a grind consigned to the past."
In the News - Hampshire Living, March 2021
Andrew Johnston Davies is a psychiatrist, artist, poet and author based in Hampshire. Whilst the countryside remains his natural habitat and the root of his artistic inspiration, he ventures into the city on a daily basis. Urban landscapes, strangers and the commute have all become familiar images. Themes that explore disconnection, alienation, loneliness, love and loss. The Universal themes of life.
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