Art, poetry and prose are the drawstrings that bring the different strands of my life together and yet for years it had been a private affair with writing kept within notebooks and images kept within drawers. This all changed in 2019, when the Argentinian magazine La Tundra selected my writing and images for publication. 


It proved to be a personal inflexion point that made me organise my paintings into three distinct collections, with limited edition prints and originals becoming available for the first time.  It was also the motivating force that saw me gather material for the first edition of my book The Commute. Much of the book was inspired on my commute to London, to my work for the NHS. 


The backdrop to all my creative output is Hampshire, where I have lived for most of my life. It is a county of clay land mixed in with flint and not so far from chalk downland. 


This is where my heart dwells amongst the hawthorn, thistled field edges, sunken lanes, barrows, styles and hedgerows. It is where I developed my relationship with the countryside and created my appreciation of the passage of time, deepened my understanding in people and their emotional landscapes, things half spoken, half heard and remaining just out of reach. 


As life ebbs and flows creativity remains the touchstone, an integral part of my existence, whether it be art, poetry or prose.



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